Brake Service & Repair

Brake Inspections and Repairs in Placerville, CA

Why brake service is essential: In order to effectively stop your car or truck, brakes should be in operating order and not worn down to the rotors. For best performance and safety, have them examined on a regular basis. Have your mechanic check your brakes immediately if you observe any of the following:

  •  A high-pitched squeak when you apply the brakes
  •  A scratching or grinding noise when not braking, this additionally could be an indication of a brake or bearing concern and should be evaluated right away
  •  Shaking or vibration in the course of stopping
  •  Requiring more pressure to stop than normal

Have your brakes inspected a minimum of annually, and  more often if you drive regularly in urban area traffic or live in a hilly region.

To maintain your brakes:

  •  Never drive with the parking brake on
  •  Have brake fluid examined and replaced as required. If you need to add brake fluid, you may have a leak in your brake system or your brake pads are close to needing replacement.

The quicker you examine issues and change brake pads, the safer your car will be. Prolonging brake issues often leads to other more costly repairs. Call Warden’s Fleet and Auto Service to book a visit for a brake inspection or service. We are proud to be your number one auto repair shop in the El Dorado County area.